Who Created Me And It is He Who Guides Me

You can fool one man many times, you can fool many people once, but you cannot fool all the people all the time

Friday, October 01, 2004

Utada Hikaru

For all ladies that made the wrong decision
And are now washing dishes for their man
Utada Hikaru

No matter what the time is
I’m just alone
Destiny is forgotten
Even though I kept going
Inside of the sudden light, I awaken
In the middle of the night
Quietly, stand in the doorway
And in the pitch black, take the light
Am I just very anxious about the recent promises?
A wish that wants to be said, but will be repressed
I’ll introduce my family
You definitely get along well
No matter what the time is
We’ll always be together
No matter what the time is
Because you are by my side
The light known as “you” finds me
In the middle of the night
Enter a noisy street
And put on the mask of fate
Thinking too much of the future
Stopping thing for no reason
Today, I’ll eat elicious things
The future is always before us
Even I don’t know it
You don’t have to go right to the end
Just keep going
It’s okay if the scenes


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